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Research objective in our laboratory is to develop the multidisciplinary analysis and design method of spacecraft structures and space structures under the multiple constraints on structure, aerodynamics and control.

Advanced Carbon Fiber Composite Materials has been applied to the recent aircraft and space structures. Structural design and material design are not separable. Besides, design synthesis which also takes aerodynamic characteristics and control characteristics into consideration has been needed in the structural design of spacecraft and space structures.

For example, the aeroelastic characteristics, which is due to the coupling between their aerodynamic characteristics and elastic characteristics, are some of the most important factors in aircraft design. On the other side, deformation and shape control of space structures, e.g. large-scale space antenna, is due to the coupling between structural dynamics and control. Moreover health monitoring technique, which monitors health of structures in real time, will be needed for future space structures. Optimization, which also includes the optimal placement of sensors and actuators, in these problems becomes one of the important research objectives.

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